Seeing My Name on TV is Still Really Cool

I grew up on the outskirts of Hollywood, both literally and figuratively. Save my one year living in San Francisco to study at the music conservatory, I’ve lived my entire life in Los Angeles or one of its many suburbs.

My father worked for while in the U.S. shipping and distribution offices of Azteca Films, a Mexican film studio, then later as the manager of the great movie palace, The Orpheum Theater in downtown Los Angeles. My mother was a travel agent with a pretty impressive list of 60s and 70s movie & TV stars and night club entertainers as her clients: Sonny & Cher, Elizabeth Montgomery, Robert Goulet & Carol Lawrence, dancer Juliet Prowse, comedian Marty Allen, and impressionist Frank Gorshin (he was also The Riddler in the Batman TV series) to name a few.

Sidebar: Frank Gorshin arranged for me to visit the set of Batman one day on the 20th Century Fox Studios lot. Try as I might, I cannot remember exactly what part of the studio I visited. Of course, I was only eight or nine years old, so it’s not much of a surprise that I can’t remember. It’s just kind of fun to think of now that I spend so much time at Fox. D’oh! There’s more to read…