A Door Closes, A Window Opens

“Welcome to Universal Studios, E.T.’s home away from home.”

That was part of our opening spiel on the tour in the 80s. I went back to full-time tour guide duty in the fall of 1986 after being let go from Segue Music. A bummer, to be sure, but at least I had a job that I enjoyed, could support my family and could still pursue finding another music editing gig without the barrier of not being in the union. The tour would be my “home away from home” for a while longer.

D’oh! There’s more to read…


Well, THAT was quick!

I was ecstatic at finally landing my first professional music editing gig in 1985 as an apprentice music editor at Segue Music. “Apprentice” was defined in the union handbook (as I recall) as one who “winds, rewinds, and carries film” among other low-level tasks like cleaning up the office, getting coffee for the room-at- large and making pick-ups & deliveries. They had a company pick-up truck for the apprentices to use and I clearly remember going on my first delivery run to Warner Bros., turning up the radio full-blast and singing at the top of my lungs with joy over my new position. D’oh! There’s more to read…