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After I posted yesterday’s blog, I received an email from our fabulous singer and vocal contractor Sally Stevens. I had to share it with you. (Click here for a previous post that includes more info on Sally)

“I had to write, upon seeing the FABULOUS FAKER BOYS – you got to direct the Russian version – I got to coach and produce Michelle Pfeiffer’s vocals for the film!  One of the most interesting, and fun jobs of my life – except of course for these last 24 years with you and Alf and THE SIMPSONS…wow, are we lucky!!!”


5 thoughts on “Mini Blog Extra

  1. Brian Lowry and Assortment | April 8, 2014
    In the midst of a spate of real to life comedies highlighting young men as the hero, Toon System ‘s vivified ” Clarence ” lands as a clever little jewel, so particular and eccentric as to feel crisp, regardless of whether it treads in well-worn an area.

  2. It’s kind of a minor thing, but what is the exact name of this episode?,, TV Guide, Wikipedia, iTunes and your blog all have different versions of the name. Some have “The” in front of it and some don’t. Some have “Boy” as plural, which would make sense since Homer is trying to conceal he’s lost his hair, so that it’s more than just Bart who is faking something.

    Does anyone in the show or at Fox handle this kind of continuity, at least for official outlets like the first two websites?

    • I really have no idea who is in charge of such things at FOX. Although THE SIMPSONS is a FOX show, I have very little interaction with FOX personnel other than the music dept.

      As for the precise name of the episode, I go by the script title page which I tweeted out about a month ago. Click here to see it.

      Thanks for checking out my blog.

  3. I love The Fabulous Baker Boys and own the CD of Dave Grusin’s Soundtrack but I had no idea of the role Sally Steven’s played in coaching Michelle’s vocals for the film till I read this post.
    I’ve just been doing some background reading and I’m amazed Sally had never done such coaching,before and her varied experience as a vocal producer had always been with professionals.
    In the article I’ve just read Sally is quoted as saying “I think Dave thought that in my career I had done what the Susie Diamond character had done and that Michelle, consciously or unconsciously, would pick up some things.”.
    I think Sally and Michelle both did a fabulous job!

    Thanks for enlightening me, now I’m looking forward to seeing “The Fabulous Faker Boy” when it’s shown in The UK.

    • Sally is a national treasure and I am privileged to know and work with her. Such a small world this music biz is that Sally and I would share an experience like this on two entirely different projects.

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