My Private Collection

It’s not quite as impressive as the title suggests, but I think I have some pretty cool one-of-a-kind Simpsons artwork. Enjoy the pictures – hover your mouse over a picture for the caption or you can click on any photo  to see a larger view with captions.

2 thoughts on “My Private Collection

  1. Thanks for posting these! I love looking at Silverman drawings, he has such a natural flair for funny shapes. I’m happy he’s directing another episode this year.

    Groening’s Bart on the plate looks like the time he wanted to appear an inch taller in Radioactive Man 😀

    That Halloween card looks really cool too, was this a regular release or something exclusively made for Fox/Groening? What happens when you turn the handle?

    • I am a big Silverman fan and can’t wait to see his episode later this season.

      The Halloween card was a regular Hallmark card that I picked up in a store. When you crank the handle, it plays our Halloween theme from the early days of THOH (Theremin & harpsichord), Kang & Kodos laugh their evil laugh, and their tentacles wave in the air as they shake The Simpsons.

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