500th Episode Swag

As I mentioned in an earlier post, as if it weren’t enough that I love my job and I’m paid to do it, every once in a while the show lays a very nice gift on me. Since season 1, there has always been something to commemorate each season, and along the way there have been celebration gifts for various milestones like 100 episodes, 200 episodes, 10 years, 20 years, and others.

Well, I received the 500th episode gift earlier today. Like a good internet geek, I photographed the “unboxing” to share with you. It’s a very nice rolling case that is a mini filing cabinet/computer case in shocking Simpsons yellow. I’ll never be able to cruise through the airport unseen ever again!

(Hover your pointer over the pix for commentary)

What's in the box?Sealed with the 500th Epsiode logo

What is it?This screaming yellow case was inside complete with Bart-shaped luggage tagFiling section of the case

The included computer slip case


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